Words and images about how I teach motion do not come easily. I try to get away from received ideas because I look around and see avoidable ill health. What’s being done is not working.

But getting away from the common leaves me without ready vocabulary. I have a style guide for myself (always a ux copy editor). But images come with even less ease than words.

Images convey beside words, especially as I avoid familiar language. Images convey play and feel and humor. I use images like exclamation points — look here! (see Guided Stable Motion – Stand)

I have used an enso as a site icon. The circle suggests motion. The zen spontaneity and imperfection suggest my emphasis on going away from ideas of perfect received form. But it’s too esoteric.

I’m a very unconventional yoga teacher. That came from seeing a lot of yoga demonstrated like jazzercise and seeing that not work. Reflecting on what I have seen teaching, what I teach evolves.

The label Guided Stable Motion is bland. But rather than wait for perfection, or even inspiration, I get on with it. In some ways its lack of zing and getting on with it make my point.

So now a new logo: a moon gate. It is bland. It’s imperfect. I played and made it quickly. The circle conveys motion. The symmetry conveys two working together. And it is an entrance, a way in. Like the words, it may evolve.

This is not some forever logo doing branding — impermanence dammit, Jim. No spandex, no music, maybe a little incense. No chanting! The very blandness of this site is a message.

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