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New to Colorado Springs, returning to Colorado after seven years away.

I teach personal yoga. I help you enjoy yoga. I teach you yoga that feels good and that helps you feel good.

Do what you enjoy, and your health will follow. To change your health, change what you enjoy. I guide you to enjoy.

We move in ways that help you better feel yourself. You will move better all day, and your comfort and ability will grow.

I offer yoga for you, not a classroom. We use poses that work for you and are good for you. I reshape poses to you. I don’t push you into poses. This is not yoga to watch and follow along. I fit the yoga to you.

Together we do yoga that is personal for you. My job is to be a good teacher; I am. And to know my subject; I do. And to know you. I watch and listen and give you my total focus. Please show me how things feel. I fit poses to what you need and what feels good. You get benefit from what you can do now. We build. We see your ability. And I see and guide you to more.

My background is hatha poses, breathing, and meditating. Over the years I have worked with many people for healthy activities. I mostly teach gentle yoga on the mat or using a chair and also teach you with aided yoga and guided stable yoga.


big thick mat