This website is always a work in progress, and there are neglected corners of it. Writing about yoga is much harder for me than teaching it; and teaching yoga is much harder than doing it. They are many parts to show an inexpressible but whole vision.

I teach personal yoga. In yoga years I’m old, done lots, and teach young and old. I know my discomforts of age and also have youthful openness from when I was first taught.

I help you enjoy yoga. I teach you yoga that feels good and that helps you feel good.

Do what you enjoy, and your health will follow. To change your health, change what you enjoy. I guide you to enjoy.

We move in ways that help you better feel yourself. You will move better all day, and your comfort and ability will grow.

I offer yoga for you, not a classroom. We use poses that work for you and are good for you. I reshape poses to you. I don’t push you into poses. This is not yoga to watch and try to follow along. I fit the yoga to you.

Together we do yoga that is personal for you. My job is to be a good teacher; I am. And to know my subject; I do. And to know you. I watch and listen and give you my total focus. Please show me how things feel. I fit poses to what you need and what feels good. You get benefit from what you can do now. We build. We see your ability. And I see and guide you to more.

Are they taking you seriously? I often work with older people, and they tell me of their experiences with practitioners. You and I talk together about how we feel in ourselves as we move. We gently find the soft edges of discomfort and inability. And find and build ability and comfort. We want to enjoy more what we have. I am serious about your desire to feel good; I share it and know my own inabilities. We work together for you to feel good, feel better, and feel vital.

My background is hatha poses, breathing, and meditating. Over the years I have worked with many people for healthy activities. I mostly teach gentle yoga on the mat or using a chair and also teach you with aided yoga and guided stable yoga.


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