Do what you enjoy. Your health will follow. To change your health, change what you enjoy.

I teach you how to do yoga. Not how to watch yoga.
Yoga works as a personal regular practice.

I guide you to feel what works for you. And we will listen to that.

I teach yoga that adjusts to you. You will learn poses and variations that fit you. You will learn how to feel your way into variations that work for you.

My goal is not how far you bend. My goal is how you feel as you bend.

I teach you how yoga feels good.

My goal is for you to learn yoga that you practice regularly.

I have done yoga most of my life. I am not a natural. I do yoga most days yet I struggle. My struggle and flaws make me a better teacher.

Our goal is for you to do yoga. Yoga that feels good for you. Yoga that you align well for you. You will have flaws. That is good.