I help you enjoy yoga. That makes a big difference. Do what you enjoy, and your health will follow. To change your health, change what you enjoy.

I’m 55. I have injuries. I work at moving well, and I enjoy what I do. This is why I teach. I teach to help you move, enjoy, and feel good.

I shape poses to fit you rather than push you into poses. Most of the yoga you see is for a classroom. The room chooses the yoga. It is yoga for standing up and watching an instructor.

Together we do yoga that is personal for you. My work for you is to see poses that are good for you and shape them to fit you. We do a pose with a chair or on the mat. We do it against the wall. We build your use of poses through progression. (see tree poses)

I guide you to feel how you move and feel what works for you. We listen closely to what you feel. You learn to feel your way into what fits you.

It is not how far you bend. I want you to feel good as you bend. And to feel good from bending.

We work together for you to do yoga that you enjoy and that helps you feel good.


big thick firm mat