Wir lassen uns nicht behindern

Aus Zwängen sich befreien by Ursula Focke, 1999, Goslar am Harz, Germany

I teach people with disabilities. And teach my disabled self.

We make it work. We find our feel for a way of moving. And make it feel good.

How I teach comes from me as a frustrated disabled boy. What I teach comes from me with inability and pain so often my normal.

This is not therapy. I am not here to fix you. Our goal is how we feel as we move and how that guides us all day.

We often get hindered just by the thought of doing. That is learned. We retrain ourselves, make it feel good, reward ourselves with pleasure, and not discourage ourselves with frustration.

We are not looking outward. We are feeling inward. We reward ignoring external standards. Things happen that shape us. We have so much less control of who we are than we are told. There are things we need to work together to change in the world. But as individuals we take the world as we find it, like the sea. There are ways we can move that work better for us. And there are places that are better for us. Swim a way that feels good. Choose a reef that fits you. How we recover from what happens to us makes the biggest difference to our lives. And we will make mistakes.

whole cloth quilt of woman on wheeled chair doing yoga
Adaptive yoga by Lisa Dietz, 2009

Wir lassen uns nicht behindern

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