Doing yoga well does not come from how it looks. Good yoga comes from introspection and practise, and paying attention to how it feels. An image can only partially guide how you align a pose and never shows how you engage a pose. An image never shows you how a pose feels.

Listening to cues for a pose can help learn it and improve it. But will always miss something for you, in that pose, in that moment. And the next cue can distract your focus.

Yoga is an individual practice, not a group activity. We do yoga classes in groups for economy not efficacy.

Writing works very well for improving a pose. You read a careful description, try part of it, and feel how it works for you. Then you go back and read the description again and try a different part of the pose or try a refinement or variation.

Working with a good written description lets you practice a pose step by step and find how that pose should align and work for you at your present ability.

But writing about yoga is hard. I here attempt to distill my experience into something useful.