Guided Stable Motion

Guided Stable Motion gets benefits from yoga in easier ways. Think of it as borrowed from yoga and shaped for you.

I’ve watched lots of people do yoga. I see difficulty and attitudes get in the way. So I took yoga apart.

I guide you in stable ways of moving with support. It feels good.

What works? Why? What blocks people? What’s most needed?

I guide you to feel your way into motion. These pages list a sample menu. I took yoga apart and added to it, like 6 ways to do a lunge and 4 ways to learn tree pose. You will learn to feel what fits you.

Many of us get too little variety of motion; many of us move too little at all. 20 minutes of moving, going deeper and all over, is wonderful. But so is a few minutes while waiting for the kettle. I teach you ways of moving that also work in few minutes.

You can do this every day. Our lives practise us in ignoring ourselves. Together we go away from that ignoring. You become more comfortable in a world that is not.

Let’s start.