Relief First

We tighten up when we get sore. And it gets in the way. First we ease discomfort. And have patience with ourselves. We will move better.


Soft surfaces and support. Stable motion. Slow, firm, extend. It feels good.

Hi. Here to help. Friendly. Open. Focused. Relaxed. Patient. I am not here to fix you. Let’s have fun.

Do what you enjoy. Your health will follow. To change your health, change what you enjoy.


Our lives practise us in ignoring ourselves. And discomfort accumulates.

We change that together. We move for you to feel. I will show you where to look inward. And guide you how to feel your motion. Then guide you in following that feeling.

How you feel shapes how you move. We can change how you feel.


Bending forward feels better with your hands pressing on a chair. And it works better. We tighten muscles in use holding us up and stable. Let’s give ourselves support, take some load off of those muscles, and better feel and extend.

A push-up feels different from a dumbbell press. We move differently when pressing against stability. So too when we extend: opening your shoulder when anchored works better.

A well chosen anchor aligns better than repeated words can remind.


You don’t get it by just watching and trying to follow along.

I will guide you. Help you feel how you align. Help you feel how you move and extend.


We feel with motion. Extend, and then sway and feel yourself move. And use this feeling to guide you.


Rarely can you see a muscle. To move well, we need to feel ourselves extend and engage. Touch guides us to feel our motion.


Repetition does more than duration. Doing it again tomorrow does more than doing it longer today. Doing it again today does more than doing it longer.

Do it again. Sway. Feel it different. Do it a way that feels better. Do it again to feel what works for you.


One side at a time works better. We differ from side to side. And we better extend one side at a time.


We make habits. We compensate. Time, injuries, overuse, and our muscles begin to work together less well. We can guide ourselves to feel these imbalances and asymmetries.


We use rest: we engage rest. Support a muscle and let it rest to extend. I guide you to feel how to support muscles to rest and extend.


We are not pulling weeds. Just yanking on muscles doesn’t get us there. It’s not just mechanical.

We move to ease. We move to relax our protective reflexes. We move to feel. We move to persuade ourselves. We move to change our habits.

Off Square

We align ourselves to the space around us, as if we’re furniture. And then move to follow the lines of the room.

Instead, we need to follow ourselves, and stand or sit not inline with the space.


And let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Expect me to do something awkward. Laugh. Expect to stumble yourself. Let’s have fun.

If you like piña coladas
And getting caught in the rain
If you’re not into yoga
If you have half a brain

Rupert Holmes – Escape – 1979