How we align our feet shapes how we stand and sit. How we feel our feet shapes how we move.

Feel your feet press on the floor, barefoot and natural. I will guide you in ways of moving that help you feel and improve how your feet align.


How we align our knees protects them and changes how we align our feet and hips.


Posture rests on your feet, knees, and pelvis. Yoga teachers too often say to tuck your tailbone, but most people can’t feel it. Tai chi teaches motion follows dan tien, but it takes practice. Feel your pubic bone. Sway and feel the muscles that connect across the front of your pelvis. Follow this feeling.

Arm Back

We hold our arms in front too much, and our shoulders round forward. Shoulder rolls and arm swings do too little. I will guide you in anchored motion to open your shoulders. We need to open our shoulders before we can stand well.

Knee on bed

The height and softness of a bed give stable support to a knee to open your hips.


Standing in a doorway gives a way to practice stability.



Constant Bear

Constant Bear is feeling yourself move as art. We have art of watching motion. But many of us are blocked from feeling ourselves move and feeling how we move as art.

Constant Bear moves from our center. Our sense of position and motion come so much from our pelvis. It is a superb teacher and very satisfying.

Step Back



We do this old classic from gym, a unilateral coordinated motion, to extend and engage some of your lower posterior chain.

We will also do windmills with more stability and range while kneeling.

Standing Dancer

Open the front of your hip and extend your hip flexors while feeling how you align and working on stability. It works well with a hand on the back of a chair for stability.


Open your groin while working on stability. It works well with a hand on the back of a chair for stability.


We walk well. And it does us good.

Walk tall and relaxed, firm and gentle. Feel your feet. Feel your legs and pelvis and torso swing fluidly. Feel your shoulders relax and swing. Feel the front of your hips open with every step. Feel your hip flexors extended at your femoral triangle.