Kneeling well with ease lets us do so many good ways of moving.

Hands Down

Anchor and open our shoulders

Hands Slide

Engage our shoulders


Open our shoulders and hips: low for rectus femoris; high for hip flexors

Forward Fold

Extend and relax our backs


Easy and hard stable ways of moving to engage our thighs and butts.


We sit too much. And too little use the muscles from your heels to the back of our heads. And so we curl forward and get tight and weak.

Bending our knees relaxes our hams so we can bend forward deeper. And it also makes our hams insufficient for the full motion so we use our butts more. These work well but we need care. Loading and twisting our backs can harm. So with care we will feel if these fit your strength.

Reach Through

Extend and open our backs