How we feel ourselves stand shapes how we feel ourselves move. Our stability flows upward and guides us.


Do something, don’t just stand there. We will. We feel our ways of standing.


We stand relaxed and open and ready.


We firm from our feet to our shoulders to feel ourselves align and engage.


So simple, so good. Fold forward at our hips and support ourselves with our hands and our elbows above our knees. Sway and open our backs and extend our thighs. This is fun.

Constant Bear

This way of moving explains moving to us in ways words cannot. It is eloquent.

Step Back

Feel our way as we open the front of the pelvis, then go deeper to the groin, and into the inner thigh. We can also do this with a chair for stability.


Feel our way into extending our inner thighs.


How the muscles from the back of our ankles to the back of our heads work together has a lot to do with our comfort. But we often neglect what we don’t see in the mirror.

We use this old gym classic to extend and engage some of our posterior chain. It’s fun. These work well but we need care. Loading and twisting our backs can harm. So with care we will feel if these fit your strength.

One Leg

We feel and engage the muscles of our pelvis to guide ourselves to stability. So we push away from stability, with a chair beside, to build stability.


Some hard parts of yoga are worth effort.

I will teach you how it feels to extend and engage laying on the mat. Then guide you using a chair to help stability standing.


Walk tall and relaxed. Feel your feet. Feel your legs and pelvis swing fluidly. Feel your shoulders relax. Feel the front of your hips open with every step.