Not Seeing

Yoga is not about how it looks.

Iyengar had great influence with Light on Yoga in 1966.

Unfortunately his 200 poses had 600 photographs of Iyengar demonstrating them.

B. K. S. Iyengar doing Warrior 1 yoga pose

If you look at the photograph of Iyengar doing Warrior 1 and try to copy it, try to look like him, you will probably hurt yourself.

The photograph shows Iyengar’s extreme ability and decades of mastery. If you attempt the pose as the photograph of him shows, it can hurt you three different ways.

Iyengar makes challenging source material. Everytime we look at him or follow someone that takes from him uncritically, we must work to understand the purpose of the pose rather than try to copy the look of the pose.

That applies to every image of a pose from anyone.