John’s Yoga

Hello John,

This is a page for you about your yoga. This should all feel good and help you feel good. And as you go deeper into these ways of moving they will feel even better.

We will next work together at 9am on Friday the 29th of October.

Morning coffee

black modern dining chair without arms on white background

This is the drop of water reshaping the stone. As you can now feel, doing a few minutes most mornings helps you feel good.

  • Stand + shift (tadasana + wuji + constant bear)
    Stand barefoot or in socks on a hard floor with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees soft. Look straight ahead in a way that helps you feel your neck straight. Tilt your pelvis back just enough to feel your butt engage, not more. Feel your back straight, let your shoulders drop back and your arms hang down. Hold the stand for part of a minute.
    Then shift your weight slowly from one leg to the other keeping both feet on the floor.
  • Reach + shift (up down-dog + up parsvakonasana)
    Stand facing the seat of a dining chair with your feet shoulder-width apart. Tilt your torso forward from your hip joints. Rest your hands on top of the back of the chair. Have your arms and back long. You can let your knees relax and focus as you extend your back.
    Put your feet wider than the chair. Shift your pelvis side to side and extend down your flank.
  • Sit (up vajrasana)
    Sit on a hard chair. Sit well. Sit firm. Sit away from the back of the chair. Have your feet flat on the floor and your shins vertical. Rest your palms on your thighs behind your knees. Let your elbows relax and hang down from your shoulders. Let your shoulders relax and drop down and back. Feel your pelvis vertical and your back straight and relaxed. Look straight ahead and feel your neck straight.
  • Pelvis rock & shift (seated cat-cow)
    Tilt your pelvis smoothly front and back from your hip joints. Feel yourself pressing against the chair as you rock your pelvis front and back. Feel your lower back bow and extend as you rock your pelvis. Shift your knees front and back turning your pelvis left and right. Feel yourself moving against the chair.
  • Ankles
    Move both heels up and down slowly and gently with control while keeping the balls of your feet on the floor.
    Put one foot out in front a little and lift it up while keeping the heel on the floor. Move the foot up and down and turn it side to side while holding your leg still. Then do your other foot.
  • Forward fold (seated uttanasana)
    Tilt your torso forward from your hip joints keeping your back straight and rest your forearms on your thighs just behind your knees. Look at a spot that helps you feel your neck straight. And rest into it.
  • Wide forward fold (seated trikonasana)
    Get your knees as wide as comfortable. Keep your shins vertical and strong like posts. Tilt your torso forward from your hip joints and keep your back straight. Rest your forearms behind your knees. Look at a spot that helps you feel your neck straight. And rest into it.

After work

two nude human men figures doing tree pose (vriksasana)

Moving well can help ease and balance your muscles before you settle in.

  • Stand + shift
  • Reach + shift
  • Lunge
    Stand facing the seat of a dining chair. Put one foot fully on the seat of the chair. Tilt your torso forward from your hip joints. Rest your hands on top of the back of the chair and relax your arms. You can let your extended knee relax and focus the pull through your bent leg. Do your other side then do both again.
  • Tree (supported vrksasana)
  • Calves (warrior 1)
    Stand beside the chair and rest a hand on it for stability. Step forward one natural step, not far. Then bend your knees and sink down and feel the pull in your back calf. Do your other leg then do both again.
    Now step back a little more than a natural step. Keep your back leg mostly straight and bend your front knee. Feel the pull in your back calf and throughout your leg. Do your other leg then do both again.
  • Sit
  • Forward fold
  • Forward fold side
    Get your knees wider but not widest. Have your shins vertical and strong and your feet square and stable. Tilt your torso forward from your hip joints and over one thigh. Rest both of your forearms behind one knee. Let your shoulders drop back. Rest into it, really rest on your arms. Focus on the pull down through your back and butt. Then do your other side.

Before bed

Before you go to bed, stand in front of a chair, reach for the back, and work the kinks out of your back and lower down.

  • Reach

Back ache

When your back aches, get down on the floor and try these two poses briefly.


Pranayama is a branch of yoga that works on breathing. There are many techniques you can read about but please don’t experiment as some could harm you.

Start by sitting well on a firm chair like one of your dining chairs. Rest your palms on your thighs, knuckles behind your knees. Rock your pelvis a few times and feel yourself move from your root up and loosen your back.

  • Closed nostril
    Hold your right palm in front of your mouth and let your elbow relax down. Close your right nostril with your thumb and take 15 normal breaths. Take a few breaths through both nostrils. Close your left nostril with your index finger and take 15 normal breaths. Do this when you want, once most days.
  • Six breaths
    Lift and expand your chest as much as you can while exhaling. Take 3 normal breaths while holding your chest as big as you can (relax your arms). Relax slowly and take 3 normal breaths. Repeat. Avoid doing this within a couple of hours before or after eating.
  • Arms 5 ways with 2 breaths
  • Exhale
    When ready we will do this carefully together.


It is all of you. Helping your breathing and your big muscles around your pelvis improves your power and pleasure. We can also get at specific muscles with yoga.

  • Bulbospongiosus
    This is your root, the root of your cock. It supports your cock up and pumps as you cum. You enjoy this muscle. We can get at it easily. You will learn to feel it.
  • Ischiocavernosus
    These muscles are part of your built-in cockring. They come from your sit bones and have an extension that wraps up around above your cock at your pubic bone and holds you hard. They are hard to reach.
  • Groin
    Your groin muscles connect to your fuck muscles. Getting you feeling good between your legs will help you feel good between your legs. Your ischiocavernosus muscles pass between two of your groin muscles: your gracilis muscles and your adductor magnus muscles. We can help these groin muscles to get out of the way.

Next time

We will focus on your hips. I will guide you to feel your way deeper into poses. New poses for you I mark with an asterisk. *

Don’t blink
  • Stand
    • + toes up *
    • + dhyana mudra & pubic focus *
    • + palms open forward *
    • shift (connects to reach & tree)
  • Arms 5 ways with 2 normal breaths
  • Reach
    • one knee bend *
    • wide shift
  • Standing cat-cow *
  • Sit
  • Pelvis rock + shift
    • feel from the root up
  • Ankles – review
  • Forward fold wide
  • Forward fold side
  • Knee drop *
  • Reach
  • Lunge + sway + root
  • Tree
    • + dhyana mudra *
  • Warrior 1 + calves *
  • Breathing


  • Gerd? I ask because it connects to your diaphragm.
  • Knee drop
  • Feet
  • Food
  • Chair squat (part of chair pose)
  • Neck
    Assess your levator scapulae muscles. These lift your shoulder blades.
    Assess your scalene muscles. These move with each breath and can be weak secondary inspiration muscles. They also contribute to neck pain.
  • Assess hip flexors and quads
  • Forward fold to chair
  • Cat-cow pose on the mat to start improving the suppleness of your back and ribcage.