Who is Yoga Tutor?

I teach one-on-one yoga for you. I teach individuals, small groups, and workplace groups. I guide you and provide a package of services. I come to you, or you come to me. (contact)

What do you get?

Right side human thigh and pelvis muscles from Gray's anatomy plate 430

You get analysis. How are you moving and feeling? Where do you feel discomfort? How does your work feel? How do things connect? Are you moving well in ways you enjoy?

You get yoga customized for you. No rushing or pushing into poses. I understand how yoga works and fit it to you. (for example see wall bow)

You get a plan. We have goals. I guide you, and we build on progress.

You get a good and successful teacher. I teach you specific to your needs and ability. I come well prepared and give you my total focus.

You get a regular routine fit to you which I update as you progress.

And ongoing students get a personal web page. It shows you what we will do next and how we will progress.

Why yoga?

Yoga works. It feels good. And it helps us feel good all day.

Yoga improves how we move. It reduces discomfort. It enhances our fitness. It helps us do more and enjoy more. It improves our mood and focus. Yoga is good exercise that feels good. And good exercise doesn’t need to take long.

What are we doing?

We reshape how you move and how you feel yourself move. That increases your comfort all day every day. Brief regular yoga improves your habits of moving in ways that help you feel good.

Do what you enjoy. Your health will follow. To change your health, change what you enjoy. I guide you to enjoy moving well. A lot of good things follow: increase ability, reduce discomfort, increase vigor, increase pleasure.

Why are we doing it?

Exercise works. Yoga is good and adaptable exercise. And yoga enables other exercise.

Exercise reduces depression. Exercise improves health. Exercise improves energy. Exercise reduces injury. Exercise improves recovery. Exercise increases longevity.

Yoga works. Changing how you move will increase your comfort.

How are we doing it?

Śrītattvanidhi (Detail from plate 15: Āsana no. 86, Viratāsana)

Yoga poses work by how we use our muscles. It is not something you can see or learn by seeing. I guide you to feel how you move and feel specific muscles in each pose.

And I fit to you. One size does not fit all. Like a good sports coach I guide you in fundamentals and to feel good in fundamentals. And guide you to build your ability.

How much?

I charge $50 per session and for travel if more than a dozen minutes away. Reduced rate available for work study.