Words and images about how I teach motion do not come easily. I try to get away from received ideas because I look around and see avoidable ill health. What’s being done is not working.

But getting away from the common leaves me without ready vocabulary. I have a style guide for myself (always a ux copy editor). But images come with even less ease than words.

Images convey beside words, especially as I avoid familiar language. Images convey play and feel and humor. I use images like exclamation points — look here! (see Guided Stable Motion – Stand)

I have used an enso as a site icon. The circle suggests motion. The zen spontaneity and imperfection suggest my emphasis on going away from ideas of perfect received form. But it’s too esoteric.

I’m a very unconventional yoga teacher. That came from seeing a lot of yoga demonstrated like jazzercise and seeing that not work. Reflecting on what I have seen teaching, what I teach evolves.

The label Guided Stable Motion is bland. But rather than wait for perfection, or even inspiration, I get on with it. In some ways its lack of zing and getting on with it make my point.

So now a new logo: a moon gate. It is bland. It’s imperfect. I played and made it quickly. The circle conveys motion. The symmetry conveys two working together. And it is an entrance, a way in. Like the words, it may evolve.

This is not some forever logo doing branding — impermanence dammit, Jim. No spandex, no music, maybe a little incense. No chanting! The very blandness of this site is a message.

The Fastest Way To Increase

What works for a bench press also works for other ways of moving.

Increasing variety increases strength.

Increasing frequency increases strength.

Source: The FASTEST Way To Increase Your Bench Press (3 Science-Based Tips)

There Is No Such Thing as Conscious Thought – Scientific American

… we believe subjectively that we are possessed of far greater certainty about our attitudes than we actually have.

… consciousness is not what we generally think it is. It is not direct awareness of our inner world of thoughts and judgments but a highly inferential process that only gives us the impression of immediacy.

Philosopher Peter Carruthers insists that conscious thought, judgment and volition are illusions. They arise from processes of which we are forever unaware

Source: There Is No Such Thing as Conscious Thought – Scientific American

Shohaku Okumura on American Zen | FILM SHORTS – YouTube

Time-Restricted Eating Doesn’t Work for Weight Loss

The study found no significant difference between the two groups in total weight loss or in other health markers.

Source: Time-Restricted Eating Doesn’t Work for Weight Loss

In these times…

Orangetheory Fitness CEO Peddles Inaccurate Information to Lure Members Back to the Gym

On the last Friday in August, Dave Long, the CEO of Orangetheory Fitness (OTF), emailed a “pep talk” to members of the fitness studio. In a 500-word screed, Long announced that more OTF studios would be reopening as an increasing number of states begin to lift restrictions on public gatherings and return to a semblance of normalcy. The tone of the email was exciting and reassuring, littered with exclamation points and virtual high fives. But about three paragraphs in, Long presented his thesis behind the reopenings, writing “There’s no evidence to support the fact that gyms are contributing to the community spread of COVID-19 above any other types of businesses.” Long claimed that gyms like Orangetheory were vital because they lessen the impact of the virus and could even prevent it by keeping members in good health, a claim he attributed to “doctors” and the International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA).

Source: Orangetheory Fitness CEO Peddles Inaccurate Information to Lure Members Back to the Gym

6 Ways to Avoid Ableism in Yoga Classes and Make the Practice More Accessible – Yoga Journal

This is good. But ableism is not a subsection of white supremacy, and to think so is to seriously misunderstand.

Source: 6 Ways to Avoid Ableism in Yoga Classes and Make the Practice More Accessible – Yoga Journal

Finding Common Ground #4 – Pelvic issues from a male and female perspective – YouTube

Wonderful discussion

Zazen is Good for Nothing – YouTube