Bridge Poses

setu bandha from Sritattvanidhi 19th century

The bridge poses engage your posterior chain.


Get on your back on a mat. Bring your knees up and put the soles of your feet on the mat so that your legs form a stable triangle.


Lift your butt off the mat. Hold then smoothly lower.

If you push your navel up the curve of your lower back will become uncomfortable. Instead push your hips up.


Prima musculorum tabula of Thomas Geminus 1559

Use touch to help tell yourself what you are doing.

Push up then touch. Feel the back of your thighs soft. Feel your butt firm. Feel your back firm.


We start here.

Lift your butt a little off the mat. We adjust the tilt of your pelvis for the comfort of your lower back. Hold and move around and feel how it works. Lower back to the mat smoothly.


Lift your butt off the mat.

Wide Bridge

Place your feet wider apart then press your hips up and keep your shins vertical.

Butterfly Bridge

We bring poses together, bound angle, reclined tree, and the bridge. Your feet go together and your knees open. You press up into a bridge with your knees wide.