Happy Baby

So good. Supported and lots of room to wiggle around and find tight spots.

So simple. Just lay on your back, put your legs up in the air, bend your knees, and put your hands on your feet.

You are relaxing into it. Your hands are just holding your feet, no need to pull, the weight of your relaxed arms is enough. Do keep a gentle pull on your hams and groin. Taking your time works better than pushing it.

Half Baby

This is my favorite variation.

Start from pyramid rest. Bring one knee up. Put that foot up in the air and put your hands on it. And just relax into it. This is enough, or you can try a couple of other things.

Try slowly extending your other leg along the floor, push that heel away from your head. Be gentle as this pulls on your lower back from the inside via your psoas. You want a gentle pull not maximum pull. Bend the knee of your extended leg as needed or you can put a pillow under your extended leg for support. Try rotating your extended leg left and right.

On the same side as your extended leg, try extending your arm along the floor beyond your head. Push your fingers and heel away from each other on that side. You can also put a pillow under this arm for support.


And to relax your back after Half Baby go back to pyramid rest or do Child’s Pose.