The Yoga in My Life

I have been fortunate.

Growing up in Hawaii in the ’70s, I met yoga at 6 and had my first good teacher at 12.

Yoga has long been part of my life.

In my late 20s, damp northwest winters hurt from arthritis. Casual yoga became needed yoga.

Losing mobility has motivated me.

In my early 40s I became a leader of the men’s wellness organization in Portland. Working with men of all ages changed my use of yoga.

I know how the pleasure of yoga can motivate wellness.

Five years ago, with too many hours on my feet as a bicycle service manager, I pushed Mountain pose harder to improve my posture, and torqued my knees. I noticed the pain coming down from hikes in the Rockies.

Yoga can hurt you.

Already a very technical bicycle fitter of many years, injuring myself pushed me to apply my practiced understanding of anatomy and movement to yoga.

I know the power of yoga for men’s wellness, away from lycra and all that. So I started the Spokane Men’s Yoga Gathering.

Yoga is part of me.