Yes. Can do. Warm and friendly.

I started yoga young then got good training. In my twenties, motivated by disabling arthritis, I got some discipline. In my forties I led a men’s wellness center with a yoga focus. I have normal aches and pains, but I move well. Yoga is deeply in me. It energizes me. I feel good.

The pandemic made me a better teacher. I spent many months alone on my mat with a notebook reflecting on and working through what I had seen not work for students.

I started teaching again in March 2021, an old man, 87, who I saw shoveling snow. I saw he would not like my offer to help shovel, so after talking together, I gave him my card and offered to help shoveling feel better. He called and saw me weekly for 6 months.

In 2021–22 I helped young guys with sports injuries, middle aged folks with persistent discomforts, and many older people. My biggest success was with a 70 man who has COPD and used oxygen. With yoga and pranayama he stopped needing oxygen and works, he repairs appliances, with much more ease. We changed his life. He saw me weekly for a year.

My background is hatha, breathing, and meditating. I look at clinical studies often (see blog). A hundred years ago Yogendra and Kuvalayananda began measuring yoga with modern science. Seeing and understanding our anatomy and physiology is how I teach. Yoga at origin and core liberate us to ourselves, our embodied animal flesh selves. Enjoy being yourself more.