Yes. Can do.

I met yoga young then got good training. Disabling arthritis in my twenties motivated some discipline. I helped lead a wellness center with a yoga focus in my forties. I have aches and pains but move well. Yoga is deeply in me. It invigorates me, and I feel good.

The pandemic made me a better teacher. I spent months alone on the mat working through what I had seen not work for my students. I started teaching again in early 2021. I saw an old man shoveling snow and saw he would not like my offer to help shovel. So after talking together, I gave him my card and offered to help shoveling feel better. He called and saw me weekly for 6 months.

In 2022 I helped with sports injuries, middle aged folks with persistent discomforts, and many older people. I did my best work with a 70 year old man who has COPD and used oxygen. With yoga and pranayama he stopped needing oxygen and goes to work with much more ease. He saw me weekly for a year and changed his life.

My background is hatha, breathing, and meditating. A hundred years ago Yogendra and Kuvalayananda revitalized yoga and began measuring it with modern science. Our anatomy and physiology inform how I teach. Yoga helps us feel ourselves and liberates us to ourselves. Enjoy being yourself more.