You learn yoga from a person. Words can help point where to look, but they cannot teach how to feel into ourselves. Somethings can hurt you, and you should get a guide. But in other places slow attentive exploration is good.

I attempt here to be helpful not comprehensive. I write about poses I think my words can recommend. Mostly I write the least I can because if I state that something is A, you may not look for it to be B.

I would like to think that just doing it and feeling it is enough. I’d be wrong. Feeling ourselves move in ways contrary to our received ideas is not enough alone to change our thinking.

Do not push. We are not pulling muscles longer. It doesn’t work that way.

If you do a pose hard 5 times right now, you will hurt tomorrow or sooner. And you will not do it again for a week, or longer. If you do it 2 times slowly and gently today, and again tomorrow, and again, you will do it 10 or 14 times in a week.

If you do something you have to motivate yourself to do, you may not do it. If you do something that you really enjoy and that helps you feel good all day, then you look forward to doing it, and do it.

Yoga is not only poses.