All original works by David Zundel expressed on this website are copyright © 2019–22. All rights reserved.

Yoga belongs to everyone.

My works belong to me.

We live in a world built and benefited by sharing what we do. We learn from each other, and to do so we need to share our works without risks of lessening our rights or lessening our livelihoods.

I assert my moral rights.

Moral right to your work is clear. You made it: you own it. Poem, breadboard, dance, cupcake, program, etc. You can get paid for use or display or performance or teaching of it and still own it, or you can sell it outright.

I assert my legal rights to my original works of authorship and to distribute those works and rights as I choose without coercion.

I do not own yoga. For example I do not own warrior 2; Tirumalai Krishnamacharya invented it.

I do own my writing and other expressions.

I also own my original works of authorship of which writing is one tangible medium of expression. I own my works so expressed in addition to owning the expressions.

For example a poem, a sequence of words, reproduced needs authorization, or performed needs authorization, or a translation published needs authorization. Thus all right reserved. What is owned is not only an expression but also the original work of authorship that is expressed. So to something visual or three dimensional or a sequence of moving or a sequence of sounds.

Does teaching implicitly allow personal use? Yes that’s clearly what we’re doing. Does it then also allow sharing the original works? No of course not. If I read my poem to you, you of course may recall it, but you may not reproduce it without permission. My getting paid to teach should not force me to give rights to other uses of my works. And when I choose to give away teaching it should not be force me to give away other uses.

So this website? Should I share what I develop, my work? Can you try it? Of course, though I need to make clear again that I write to show you where to feel and understand not to tell you how to do. The website is not instruction.

By sharing should I be forced to give away rights to my work? Of course not.

Should I call it a dance and represent ways of moving in the obscurity of dance notation? That would help better defend my rights to my works. But should my rights to my work vary on how I label it or the tangible medium of expression I use?

Yoga was once obscure and taught only to a select few. A hundred years ago new inquiry and publishing and innovation started and yoga began to change. We now have a large yoga industry with narrow content. We need inquiry and innovation and publishing.

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We share to learn from each other.