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Sitting still

The Still Point: Capturing the movement of the mind
Tricycle Fall 2004

Spokane Men’s Yoga Gathering — Flow, Pause, & Meditation — 2019-08-11

The next Spokane Men’s Yoga Gathering will be on Sunday 11th of August from 6 to 8pm.

We will work on flowing sequences of yoga to add to your regular yoga practice.

We will start with Ken’s vinyasa sequence that we have used for warm up.

  • Ken’s vinyasa sequence
    • pause on half fold and seated chair
  • Warrior 2 sequence
  • Surya Namaskara – once or twice
  • Plank, staff, up dog, half dog sequence – a middle of Surya Namaskar

In the middle of flow, we will each pause in positions that feel most beneficial.

In the middle of the gathering we will pause for meditation. How does yoga feel different after meditation?

On a day when you can do only five minutes, one of these sequences will benefit.