Meditating to…

The prevailing rationalization is almost never empiric. It will serve purposes other than clear explanation. The coercion in a society promotes understandings that perpetuate the established. And these ideas persist and mislead for hundreds of years.

No words dislodge these misunderstandings. They shape our perceptions and get confirmed by how we unthinkingly see our experiences — however the mismatch.

Silent insight turning away from the conventional by turning away from ideas and words, deep listening without expectations, opens the opportunity to notice. And then we might begin to feel that an idea does not fit our experience, our world, does not fit us.

Rinse, repeat. There is no bottom; nothing is revealed. There is a little unburdening: a received rationalization shapes our expectations and perceptions a little less. There is no arrive; there is no gain. There is some useful loss.

This does not feel secure, does not feel comforting; thus it is not popular. We cannot tell someone how to see around. We can suggest that they sit silently and hope they become detached from explanations.

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