These ways we do together help us. (there are also Ideas)


I teach and guide you the whole person. You are not your uncomfortable right knee. We together help your specific discomforts but also follow connections as whole animals for how you feel everywhere.


Feel good, in each moment, in each movement, in all parts everywhere. Every time in all we do together.

This yoga feels good. Think of enjoying a shower. Warm water flowing feels good. We work together this way.


We move better together when you feel comfortable. Listen to yourself, listen to how you feel, and show me how you become more comfortable. Dress loose. Be warm. Use soft surfaces.

Fit to you

I fit yoga to you. We do what works for you. I do not push you into poses. I modify poses to fit you.


Give to yourself a moment. Smell the flowers. Hold the feel. It feels good. It helps.


It is between your limbs and flows all the way through between your ears. I guide you to think and feel yourself. You know, your animal self knows what is good. Pause and feel, listen close to your animal self think and whisper.


We need to feel our way in. We cannot see how to align. We need to feel it. And we need to move to feel.

Pause still and feel. Then move and feel how to align.


Again, not longer, again — just again. Freer. Easier. It is better. It feels better. It does more.

Doing it again today and doing it again tomorrow does more than doing it longer. We are not pulling weeds. Just yanking on it doesn’t get us there. Doing it again does more.


Move smooth: it leads away from discomfort.


It is the let go, not the hold in. It is the after, not the before. Turn away from focus on effort and instead allow easy release.


Give to yourself enjoying doing, as we do together. How matters more than how much. And a little often does more than impatience.


Do not quaver. Pause. Become stable. Move from stable. It goes easier and does more.


Hold on. Grab. Connect. Reach out. Put your hands down on. Push against. Close the circle. We move better anchored.


Stand in gravity. Be self supporting well. Feel it. Repeat. Sit well. Recline well. Feel the down and yourself in it. Repeat and learn the feel of doing it well that walks with you all day.


We can feel things we cannot see. Move to feel. Touch to feel. I guide you to feel.


Looking and words do not convey and guide well. Touch shows and guides without doubts or misunderstandings or frustration.