Aided Yoga

Right side human thigh and pelvis muscles from Gray's anatomy plate 430

I guide you as we together move chains of your muscles step by step. You cannot see the muscles, but we can feel them.

For example your strongest hip flexors, your iliacus and psoas, are unseen deep inside you, and often contribute to discomfort.

We can ease these muscles, but to do so you need to feel how you align. We can feel what we cannot see. We use aided yoga together for you to learn to feel how to do this.

We start together on the mat, stable and comfortable, for you to feel as you extend your hip flexors. Then you do the warrior 1 pose kneeling, then do the pose supported on a chair as I guide you to feel step by step how you extend your hip flexors.

Śrītattvanidhi (Detail from plate 15: Āsana no. 86, Viratāsana)