Evgeniya’s Yoga

Hello Zheniya,

This is a page for you about your yoga.

When did you last have your vision checked?

Updating this. I will text you when updated.


We will together shape a simple routine for you to do a few days a week. And we will update it. Please use a progression. Doing more does not work better. Do the routine three days in the first week, four days in the second week, and four or five days in the third and following weeks. Starting week 5 try diaphragm isolation breathing instead of 5 ways.

black modern dining chair without arms on white background
  • Chair squat – smooth even sit, smooth even rise, smooth even sit
  • Feet – soft toe lift
  • Shoulders – roll open
  • Breathe – closed nostril
  • Shoulders – roll open
  • Breathe – 5 ways
  • Chair squat – smooth even rise, smooth even sit, smooth even rise
  • Stand – soft toe lift
  • Reclined arm extend
  • Sphinx
  • Child’s pose


How we feel our feet strongly influences how we move. To help you find smooth and calm ways of moving, we change how you feel your feet.

  • Soft toe lift
  • Morning in bed
    Before you get out of bed point your toes then flex your feet a few times. Then invert and evert your feet a few times. Then rotate your feet left and right a few times while holding your knees still.


  • Roll open
    Let all of your left arm hang straight down from your shoulder. Roll your left arm open rotating your left upper arm outward at the shoulder joint and facing your palm gently forward to the extent that is comfortable. Hold for roughly ten seconds then smoothly relax your arm. Repeat two more times. Then put your left palm back on your left thigh and do the sequence with your right arm. This is subtle, and we are asking smaller muscles to work against big muscles, so don’t do it forcefully or it will make you hurt.


  • Reclined arm extend
    Lay back on a soft mat, like a pile of fluffy blankets. Put pillows under your knees to help relax your lower back. Arms by your sides, palms down, reach your fingers firmly toward your toes, hold for a moment, then smoothly relax the reach.


We want to increase your suppleness and smoothness as you breathe. Let’s nudge your back a little looser to help that.

partial yoga bow pose done back to a wall, nude man figure illustration


There are many pranayama techniques you can read about and watch but please don’t try them as some could harm you.

We aim to increase the range and suppleness of your breathing.

Start by sitting well.

  • Closed nostril
    Hold your right palm in front of your mouth and let your elbow relax down. Close your right nostril with your thumb and breathe normally ten times. Take a few breaths through both nostrils. Close your left nostril with your index finger and breathe normally ten times.
  • 5 ways
    Breathe normally. Bring your arms up horizontal to the front, palms upward, while you inhale, and keep your shoulders down. Lower your palms back to your thighs with each exhale. Bring arms up in front and to your right as you inhale, firmly crossing your left arm without turning to your right. Bring arms up in front of you and to your left as you inhale, firmly crossing your right arm without turning to your left. Bring your arms up and back at your chest level while you inhale. Bring your arms back and wide at your pelvis level while you inhale. Rest your palms on your thighs, sit well, and breathe normally a few times. Then repeat the sequence.
  • Diaphragm isolation
    Breathe normally a few times. Then still your ribs by either lifting or compressing your chest. Then take 3 or 4 breaths with your ribs still thus using your diaphragm to breathe. Then breathe normally again allowing your ribs to move. Then again still your ribs and breathe a few times.


Go for short walks, but only if it does not hurt. Wear your glasses. Go alone, do not take even one small dog. If you can do it without discomfort, very short walks 2 or 3 times a week will help.


These alternatives reduce demands on your knees.

  • Chair squat
  • Rise
  • Side leg raise
  • Bridge
  • Hollow hold


  • Sphinx
  • Wall bow
  • 5 ways becomes 6 ways
  • Butt grab shoulder extend