Fritz’s Yoga

Good morning Fritz. This is a page about my yoga for you. I give my care and words to show the gratitude you stimulate deep inside me.


two nude human men figures doing tree pose (vriksasana)
  • Arm extend
    Lay back across your bed. Place your head in from the edge and put one pillow beyond your head. Look straight up at the ceiling. Extend your left arm beyond your head and rest it on the pillow for roughly 20 seconds and feel for your muscles to release. Bring your arm smoothly back to your side. Now do your right arm. Then do both twice more.
  • Hip opening
    Rest your left knee on the bench at the end of your bed. Keep your butt behind your knee. Look straight ahead. Shift your pelvis to your right and tilt it back and feel your way into opening your hip.
  • Sit well
    Sit on your coffee table. Have your feet square on the floor, bare or in socks, and softly raise your toes. Have your shins vertical. Have you knees at a width that takes no effort (check your groin muscles with touch). Look straight forward. Have your shoulders relaxed back and let your elbows hang straight down. Rest your palms on your thighs. Rock your pelvis slowly front and back, feel your sit bones and pump your root. Sit calmly and still, feeling your root on the table, for most of a minute.
  • Neck rotations
    Sit well. Turn your head to your right as far as you can comfortably, pause, then slack just enough to ease the back right of your neck. Hold for roughly 10 seconds and feel your left scm extend. Turn your head smooth to face forward and pause. Then turn your head to your left in the same way. Then do both directions twice more.
  • 5 ways breathing
    Sit well. Breathe normally through your nose. Keep looking straight ahead and keep your shoulders down. As you inhale, raise your arms smoothly, palms up and soft out in front of you to the level of your nipples.. As you exhale bring your arms down smoothly and put your palms back on your thighs. Next as you inhale raise your arms palms up and soft out in front of you and to your right while you keep facing forward; pull your left arm firmly across your chest. Then to your left in the same way. Then your arms back and low bringing your shoulder blades together and opening your chest as you inhale. Then your arms back at the level of your nipples. If you like it, do one more sequence of 5.
yoga sphinx pose, nude human man figure


Right side human thigh and pelvis muscles from Gray's anatomy plate 430