Guided Stable Yoga

Yoga is often done as follow-the-leader for groups, with instruction mostly by demonstration and words. And only some ways of doing poses work in the classroom.

There are other ways.

Śrītattvanidhi (Detail from plate 15: Āsana no. 86, Viratāsana)

We can move better. We can enjoy more. With this way of yoga we relax, it feels good, and we extend with more ease when stable and anchored.

This is yoga for you, not follow me. We start comfortable, stable and simple on the mat or a chair. We do poses that fit you. And I bring together poses to make ways of moving that work for you. You learn to feel and use ways of moving that help you.

These pages give you samples. I see complexity get in the way, so I take yoga apart and fit it to you, and personally guide you. These are some of the what, to give you an idea, not the how: this teaching doesn’t fit into words and images. The sample page gives you an idea of how this fits together for a student.

Let’s start.