Down on 4

We feel our way and find our stable quadruped and so many ways of moving that feel good and help us.


Straight legs for the table, on hands and knees, and elbows too, we feel into being a quadruped and find stability. This is stable home. I guide you to find and feel how to align, especially your pelvis neutral. We don’t hurry past the simple but pause to remember a feel for it. This will help center and ground us.

Cat Cow

Put it in motion, swing it, how far can you move, the yoga classic and classic for good reason. Table centers us and we pause for it every smooth swing.

Small Circles

A little bit of quadruped hula, some tail wagging for our backs and hips. Getting it smooth gets our parts working well together.


Let’s get more stable, a sawhorse. And then move. What can go front and back can also go side to side.

Big Circles

What can go front and back can also go around. Seems simple but can really work it and get our shoulders, backs, and hips working well together.

Half Dog

Stretch it out, open you shoulders and extend your back.

Up Dog

Kneel Lunge

Lunge on 4