The mat is our best tool. We will do the most here.


Atlas by Giovanni Dall’Orto, 2007

We feel so much tension in our backs. Relief first, we start here.

Laying ourselves on the mat gives us full support to feel our way in and open our backs. We move gently.


We look at screens and hold still too much. Our shoulders become less mobile. We can feel our shoulder blades move against the mat, focus, and feel what we need.


We express tension in your faces, and it distracts us even though unaware of our grimace. Learn to feel your face relax to notice and let go of tension. This helps us feel and focus elsewhere.


Little things lead to big differences you will feel.

We could hold our arms ready, pushing, and pull tension into ourselves, like we do all the time. Instead we open our arms, open ourselves, and let tension release and flow from us.


We tend to ignore our feet.

Heads Up

We so often hold positions that use strength along the back of our necks building imbalances that contribute to discomfort. We move to engage the front of our necks.


We raise and rotate out legs, one side at a time. One motion at a time reduces compensation and let’s us feel how you are moving. We look for asymmetries. And for you to feel as you engage.

Leg Rolls

Torso Roll

Pelvis Roll

Knees Up

Knee Open

Knees Open

4 Open

extend the front of our hips

4 Closed

Stable and supported position to rest into extending the back of our thighs and butt

Pyramid Rest