How we feel ourselves stand shapes how we feel ourselves move all day. Stability flows upward through us. I guide you to feel. One minute standing and moving well each morning helps your day.


First we stand and feel: feet, shoulders, pelvis, knees, all. And move a little to help find our feel. I guide you: knees soft and a little open, butt engaged soft, feel your pelvis open. Step by step gentle.


The tai chi classic foundation, soft, open, engaged, relaxed and ready; from here we move.


Sway and feel our way as we open the pelvis, groin, and thigh, with a chair as needed to help our stability.

Constant Bear

This way of moving explains moving to us in ways words cannot. It is eloquent.


Feel our way into extending our inner thighs.


So simple, so good. Fold forward at our hips and support ourselves pressing on our legs or a chair. Sway and open our backs and extend our thighs.

One Leg

We feel and engage the muscles of our pelvis to guide ourselves to stability. So we push away from stability, with a chair beside, to build stability.


Some hard parts of yoga are worth effort.

I will teach you how it feels to extend and engage laying on the mat. Then guide you using a chair to help stability standing.


Walk tall and relaxed. Feel your feet. Feel your legs and pelvis swing fluidly. Feel your shoulders relax. Feel your pelvis open with every step. Feel good.

Walking well gives us simple coordinated exercise. It helps you have all of you working well together. A good walk feels good. And a good brisk walk is an easy way to very beneficial zone 2 training.