Up on 4

These are the un-sit. We sit too much, and we’re going to keep siting. We can sit less and sit better, much better. And I guide you in simple and easy and simple and hard poses to undo some of sitting too much. (We engage and move the posterior chain and extend and move the anterior.)

Toe Squat

Bufo periglenes

Knees bent, on our toes with our hands on the mat, stable, we move well to open and extend our shoulders and backs and hips and thighs. Not everyone has the feet and legs for this, but if it fits you, it gives so many ways of moving that work well and feel very good.

Up Crab

Lean back and open the toe squat outward and upward: face up, chest up, hands and feet down on the mat, and move. It is simple and very good. This is easy for most people. I will guide you, and when needed add support. Doing a little often is an easy way to build away from sitting too much.

Up Table

Push crab up into the firm and stable table to un-sit more.


Yoga and kalari have many danda or staff poses and moves. We start with the foundational right angle that looks easy but is not.

Up Plank

And we push the staff up into the upward facing plank. (purvottanasana)


The big un-sit; we start easy and I guide to feel your way into the variations that fit you and feel good. (setu bandha)