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Hello Jim,

This is a page for you about yoga, exercise, and health.

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Doing a couple of things every morning will help you move and feel better all day.

  • Arm extend
    While still in bed
  • Reach


You do not eat enough good food. Nutritional deficiency is common with aging and causes damage. As we get older we digest less essential nutrition from the food we eat. You need to eat at least two nutritionally complete meals a day. Some of the nutrients we need, such as protein, are digested by active transportation. With age we produce the needed digestive transportation molecules less well. You cannot get all the nutrition you need in one meal.

You need:

  • Unrefined carbohydrates such as squash, roots, whole grains, and pasta
  • Clean lean protein such as tofu
  • Dark leafy greens, such as spinach, chard, and brassica, other vegetables, beans, and nuts for micro-nutrients

Carbs are brain food. You need good quality unrefined slow to digest carbs to feed your brain and give you energy all day. Pasta without sugar for breakfast would be great.

A little bit of regular exercise and plenty of good quality protein will stimulate and feed your biology to repair and build all your tissues and systems. Use, exercise, stimulates maintenance of all systems, not just the specific muscles exercised; this is why exercise is so beneficial to overall health. But you need to feed it with protein and carbs and the micro-nutrients to use them.

You have induced micro-nutrient deficiencies. Some of these can cause symptoms that seem like early dementia. (Korsakoff syndrome)


With age and disuse you have lost motor neurons. But we can talk your remaining motor neurons into growing more control, innervating, of your muscles.

Next routine

  • Arm straight extension to prepare @ kitchen counter
  • Reach @ kitchen counter (modified ardha uttanasana)
  • One leg stand for stability @ bedroom doorway
  • Heels up for calves & stability@ bedroom doorway
  • Bear plank for central core (see https://youtu.be/XqH46t5TD98)
  • Bear plank swing for obliques
  • High plank for shoulders & anterior chain (kumbhakasana)
  • Upward plank for shoulders & posterior chain (purvottanasana)
  • Bridge for glutes and back
  • Rise for quads (from camel pose, ustrasana)