Teaching moving as koan

A koan is like a person gesturing and saying: “Look at the lovely moon.”

So look at the moon. Look past the words and gesture; follow and go toward where the gesture leads.

I teach you a way to sit, not as a way to sit all the time, for that would lead to discomfort. I teach you a way to sit for you to sit and feel yourself. The sit with your feel becomes part of your going toward feeling good.

I guide you in ways to sit and stand and breathe and move. They feel good and reshape our ways of feeling and moving. We nurture and tune our feel for ourselves. And our feel becomes a core leading us to feel good and vital.

We can discuss the sit, or a koan. But moving and proprioception and interoception and feeling within ourselves reveals the directions we want. The doing, doing the sit and the feel, reshapes us, not an understanding of it.

So too everything I teach. I write about what I teach to show where to listen. I write pages for students to remind rather than instruct. I write about a pose to gesture toward the direction to listen to yourself doing the pose.

black modern dining chair without arms on white background

Don’t look at the sit, or a pose. They are gestures. They show a direction. Listen to yourself toward that direction as you do the pose.

You feel good. You can feel good more. Look at that.