Matt’s Yoga

Hello Matt,

So good to meet you. This is a page for you about your yoga.


Do this pose each morning soon after waking.

  • Reach (up downward dog)
    Stand and rest your hands or forearms on a counter, table, or the back of a couch or stable chair. Find something with a height that works for you. Have your feet square on the floor, barefoot or in socks, and your knees slightly soft. Tilt your torso forward from your hip joints so that you extend your arms and get your back toward horizontal. Adjust yourself and rest into the pose putting some weight on your arms. Press your hands firmly away from your butt, hold the press, then smoothly release the press. Rest into the pose then sway to find tight spots. Rise carefully by bending your knees and lowering your butt, sitting into it; then tilt your torso up from your hip joints before straightening your legs. Repeat the pose once more.


  • Face-up arm extend
    Lay back on a firm but not hard surface, with a thin pillow under your head if wanted. Put a nice thick pillow beyond your head. Smoothly raise your less tense arm and rest it on the thick pillow. Rest into the pose. Then reach that arm far away from your butt, hold the reach, then smoothly relax the reach. Rest into the pose. Then smoothly bring the arm back to your side. Now do your other arm the same way. Then do both again.

Next Time


  • Posterior thoracic chain
    Upward plank
    Upward table
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