Mitch’s Yoga

Hello Mitch,

I very much enjoyed you. This is a page for you about your yoga.


Gestures to guide us to feel

Centering pose

The pose to begin every day. The pose to choose to feel calm and warm and good any time.

Next Time

  • Mudra
  • Centering pose
  • Explore discomforts and tightness

Feel good pose

A pose to guide warm feeling good to help us focus on health

Gajāsana, Elephant Pose. Hand-drawn illustration in Sritattvanidhi, 19th century Mysore Palace manuscript


Feeling good in ourselves, in our flesh, in how we move, helps us know feeling good, actively listen to ourselves, and ask questions of food. How does a food make us feel?

Yoga helps us feel good. The pleasure of how we feel helps us eat well.

  • Water
    Get enough water — It helps everything work well. Help you the animal feel good.
  • Regular meals
    Give yourself a reliable supply of nutrients and avoid hunger. Eating well does a lot to help avoid eating badly.
  • Eat clean
    Manufactured food contains many ingredients that harm. Choose clean food without extra sugars and salt and other additives.
  • Macro nutrients
    Get enough good quality protein. Good carbs protect good protein. Good fats help health.
  • Micro nutrients
    With a less varied diet we get fewer extra supplies of minerals and vitamins. And with age we digest these nutrients less well. So we need to eat better and pay more attention to maintain our health.


  • Mula bandha
    Begin to build your yoga strength and health from the sexual energy you already have.