Knees Up

yoga pose, knees up (apanasana) nude human man figure

This pose helps you relax your back.

Get on your back on a mat. Bring your knees up over your torso and hook your fingers around your shins. Let your lower legs just hang down.

Relax. Take your time. Get comfortable. Use a pillow if you want.

You don’t need to do anything, just lie there and let the pose work.


Knees Open

Keep your hands on your shins and let your knees fall open. Relax into the gentle pull on your groin. Vary the position of your hands on your shins.

Knees Crossed

Bring your knees up over your torso and cross your thighs. Rest your hands on top of your knees and support the outside of the joint with your fingers.

Relax into the position then do the other side.

Knee Down

Put one foot down on the mat near your butt. Let that knee fall open to the side and let the foot slide inward. Keep your other knee up with your fingers on your shin. Just relax into the pull.

Move your raised knee around while keeping your fingers on your shin.

This is a good position to massage your inner thigh and groin.

Leg Down

Put one leg down straight inline with your torso. Keep the knee of your lower leg very slightly bent. Slowly rotate that thigh side to side pivoting the leg on your heel. Press your fingers into the front of your hip and groin and feel how you move.