Mike’s Yoga

Hello Mike,

This is a page for you about your yoga.


Do these two poses each morning after waking.

  • Seated supported forward fold (seated ardha uttanasana)
    This works better if you sit well on a hard chair, like a dining chair.
    Have your feet barefoot or in socks square on the floor. Have your shins vertical like posts. Tilt your torso forward from your hip joints and rest your forearms near the elbow (ulna) on your thighs near your knees. Pull your shoulder blades toward your butt. Look down at the floor at a spot that helps you feel your neck straight. Pause and rest into the pose. Press your arms firmly on to your thighs, hold the press, then smoothly release the press. Rest into the pose, pull your shoulder blades toward your butt, and allow your back to sink. Sit up smoothly. And repeat the pose once more.
  • Reach (downward dog up 45°)
    Stand and place your hands on a counter, table, or the back of a couch or stable chair. Have your feet square on the floor and your knees slightly soft. Adjust yourself and rest into the pose. Press your hands firmly away from your butt, hold the press, then smooth release the press. Rest into the pose then sway to find tight spots. Rise carefully by bending your knees and lowering your butt, sitting into it; then bring your torso up before straightening your legs. Repeat the pose once more.


Make yourself a nice mat with a pile of blankets. As soon as you notice back discomfort, get down on your mat and reduce the tension before it becomes worse.

  • Pyramid rest
    If your knees come together without effort, this works well to gently rest your back.
  • Knees up
  • Face-up arm extend
    Relaxing your chest muscles will let your back round less.
    Start in pyramid rest. Put a nice thick pillow beyond your head. Smoothly raise your less tense arm and rest it on the pillow. Rest into the pose. Then reach that arm far away from your butt, hold the reach, then slowly relax it. Rest into the pose. Then smoothly bring the arm back to your side. Now do your other arm the same way. Then do both again.
yoga sphinx pose, nude human man figure

Next Time

  • Sit well
  • Seated supported forward fold
  • Hands on chair forward fold
  • Sway
  • Sphinx
  • Face-up arm extend