Rand’s Yoga

Hello Rand,

This is a page for you about your yoga.

I look forward to working together 10 to 11:30 Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


Give yourself at least 4 minutes and one pose 5 or 6 mornings a week. The gentle persistent repeat will make a difference.

  • Stand + shift
  • Reach (up downward dog) + sway – do 2
  • Sit well
  • Seated supported forward fold (seated ardha uttanasana)
  • Knee squeeze
    Sit well. Bring your legs together and keep your shins vertical. Put a fist between your knees. Smoothly squeeze your knees together and hold the squeeze. Increase and hold the squeeze. Smoothly release the squeeze. Then repeat with your other fist.
  • Chair press up (from dandasana)
  • Chair squat × 4
  • Supported forward fold wide – hands on chair + shift (ardha prasarita padottanasana)


As soon as you notice your back feeling uncomfortable, do a couple of poses to ease and forestall discomfort.

  • Reach (up downward dog) + sway – do 2
  • Knees up

Next Time

yoga tree pose, kneeling, 2 human men figures nude
  • Stand + shift >> pillar
    + intend to lift & relax
  • Stand + step
    unilateral stability >> warrior 1 >> pyramid pose
  • Chair lunge
  • Sit well + root (mula) press
  • Seated supported forward fold
  • Knee squeeze
  • Chair press up (from dandasana)
  • Chair squat
  • Chair treetfl