Why yoga?

Yoga works. It feels good. And it helps us feel good all day.

Yoga improves how we move. It reduces discomfort. It enhances our fitness. It helps us do more and enjoy more. It improves our mood and focus. Yoga is good exercise that feels good.

What’s yoga?

Yoga helps us improve being alive with ways of moving, breathing, and thinking.

Some yoga uses poses, and for each pose we focus on these elements:

  • align the pose in a way that fits us
  • engage specific muscles
  • extend specific muscles
  • use our gaze to help our posture
  • use a gesture to help our focus (mudra)
  • Hold the pose
  • tighten muscles to enhance (bandha)
  • breathe (pranayama)

I fit poses to you and guide you to feel and build your way into each pose.

How does it work?

Yoga enhances our not-conscious feel for ourselves (proprioception). Brief regular yoga improves our feel which improves how we move all day.

Yoga reshapes how we use our muscles. We improve our muscle control, strength, coordination, and stability with beneficial eccentric and isometric contractions.

Yoga guides us away from words and images and ideas and concerns. Yoga gives us focus and asks for discipline and rewards these with feeling good. It helps us enjoy ourselves and go toward what is good for us and freeing.

Yoga gives us feeling good in ourselves and guides us to ask what is good for us in all things including food.


You do not need to be flexible. Anyone can do yoga.

Tight and reactive muscles give us discomfort. Some muscles we can extend and ease which feels good and gives us some relief. But our patterns of moving that lead to the discomfort remain. With yoga we find our uncomfortable muscles and our underused muscles and improve our patterns of moving away from discomfort.


I fit poses to you and guide you, be comfortable. And when good, we go hard and sweat a little, which feels good and does good.